• EN 14975 Aluminium 2 Section Loft Ladder
  • Suitable for heights up to 2.69m
  • Wide non-slip ā€˜Dā€™ shape rungs for comfort and safety
  • Smooth and easy opening
  • Suitable for DIY installation
  • Includes easy to follow instructions
  • Suitable for domestic use only

Loft Ladder Sizes

Code Sections Handrail Max Floor to Loft Floor Height Min Loft Opening Size Width Min Clearance Arc Min Storage Space
AL2 2 2.69m 0.38m 0.38m 1.27m



Sections: 2


Max Floor to Loft Floor Height: 2.69m

Min Loft Opening Size Width: 0.38m

Min Clearance Arc: 0.38m

Min Storage Space: 1.27m