SCAP Picture Frame or SCAPB Beaded Frame

  • Contemporary aesthetics with concealed fixings
  • Simply rotate to open/close on slots and bayonet pins
  • Supplied with “hook-on” safety cable
  • Prefinished in satin RAL 9010 with 20% gloss
  • Drawings

Access Panel Sizes

Code Panel Size Structural Opening Clear Opening Once Installed Depth Weight
SCAP150 or SCAPB150 Ø150mm 155mm 120mm 25mm 0.2kg
SCAP200 or SCAPB200 Ø200mm 205mm 170mm 25mm 0.4kg
SCAP300 or SCAPB300 Ø300mm 305mm 270mm 25mm 0.7kg
SCAP450 or SCAPB450 Ø450mm 455mm 415mm 30mm 2.2kg
SCAP600 or SCAPB600 Ø600mm 605mm 555mm 30mm 3.4kg
SCAP800 or SCAPB800 Ø800mm 805mm 750mm 30mm 5.1kg
* Specify SCAP (picture frame) or SCAPB (beaded frame), Ø = Diameter


SCAP150 or SCAPB150

Panel Size: Ø150mm

Structural Opening: 155mm

Clear Opening Once Installed: 120mm

Depth: 25mm

Weight: 0.2kg

SCAP200 or SCAPB200

Panel Size: Ø200mm

Structural Opening: 205mm

Clear Opening Once Installed: 170mm

Depth: 25mm

Weight: 0.4kg

SCAP300 or SCAPB300

Panel Size: Ø300mm

Structural Opening: 305mm

Clear Opening Once Installed: 270mm

Depth: 25mm

Weight: 0.7kg

SCAP450 or SCAPB450

Panel Size: Ø450mm

Structural Opening: 455mm

Clear Opening Once Installed: 415mm

Depth: 30mm

Weight: 2.2kg

SCAP600 or SCAPB600

Panel Size: Ø600mm

Structural Opening: 605mm

Clear Opening Once Installed: 555mm

Depth: 30mm

Weight: 3.4kg

SCAP800 or SCAPB800

Panel Size: Ø800mm

Structural Opening: 805mm

Clear Opening Once Installed: 750mm

Depth: 30mm

Weight: 5.1kg

* Specify SCAP (picture frame) or SCAPB (beaded frame), Ø = Diameter