PFFD-INS-AT (Insulated & Air Tight)

  • Picture Frame 1 Hour Fire Rated, Tested to B.S.476: Part 22:1987 in white satin Ral 9010
  • Air tested in a UKAS accredited test house
  • 7 Standard Stock Sizes with bespoke sizes to order
  • Insulated to Part “L” with fi re proof mineral wool
  • Fitted with an airtight tri-drive lock as standard or a secure key lock (postfi x L) available
  • 30 dB reduction sound insulation
  • Drawings

Access Panel Sizes

Code Panel Size Structural Opening Clear Opening Once Installed Depth Weight
PFFD-INS-AT150 150 x 150mm 155 x 155mm 130 x 105mm 33mm 1.9kg
PFFD-INS-AT200 200 x 200mm 205 x 205mm 180 x 155mm 33mm 2.2kg
PFFD-INS-AT300 300 x 300mm 305 x 305mm 280 x 255mm 33mm 2.9kg
PFFD-INS-AT350 350 x 350mm 355 x 355mm 330 x 305mm 33mm 3.2kg
PFFD-INS-AT450 450 x 450mm 455 x 455mm 430 x 375mm 63mm 4.3kg
PFFD-INS-AT550 550 x 550mm 555 x 555mm 530 x 475mm 63mm 5.5kg
PFFD-INS-AT600 600 x 600mm 605 x 605mm 580 x 525mm 63mm 5.9kg
*Postfix L for key lockable version e.g. PFFD-INS-AT150L



Panel Size: 150 x 150mm

Structural Opening: 155 x 155mm

Clear Opening Once Installed: 130 x 105mm

Depth: 33mm

Weight: 1.9kg


Panel Size: 200 x 200mm

Structural Opening: 205 x 205mm

Clear Opening Once Installed: 180 x 155mm

Depth: 33mm

Weight: 2.2kg


Panel Size: 300 x 300mm

Structural Opening: 305 x 305mm

Clear Opening Once Installed: 280 x 255mm

Depth: 33mm

Weight: 2.9kg


Panel Size: 350 x 350mm

Structural Opening: 355 x 355mm

Clear Opening Once Installed: 330 x 305mm

Depth: 33mm

Weight: 3.2kg


Panel Size: 450 x 450mm

Structural Opening: 455 x 455mm

Clear Opening Once Installed: 430 x 375mm

Depth: 63mm

Weight: 4.3kg


Panel Size: 550 x 550mm

Structural Opening: 555 x 555mm

Clear Opening Once Installed: 530 x 475mm

Depth: 63mm

Weight: 5.5kg


Panel Size: 600 x 600mm

Structural Opening: 605 x 605mm

Clear Opening Once Installed: 580 x 525mm

Depth: 63mm

Weight: 5.9kg

*Postfix L for key lockable version e.g. PFFD-INS-AT150L