PFFD-INS-AT (Insulated & Air Tight)

  • 1 Hour Fire Rated - Tested to BS EN 1634-1:2008 and BS EN 1634-2:1999, including 1Hr Fire Rating on the insulation by virtue of integrity. Please Note these standards surpass the requirements of B.S.476: Part 22:1987
  • 36 dB sound reduction on UKAS test
  • BS EN 1634-3 Smoke test 9Surpassed requirements by 15 times)
  • Independently tested to current Building Regulations
  • Budget lock or key lock option available

Picture Frame Fire Rated Access Hatch Size information

Size U Value Structural Opening Overall size Inc. Frame Clear Opening Depth Weight
150x150mm 0.77 155x155mm 200x200mm 130x105mm 33mm 1.9kg
200x200mm 0.77 205x205mm 250x250mm 180x155mm 33mm 2.2kg
300x300mm 0.77 305x305mm 350x350mm 280x255mm 33mm 2.9kg
350x350mm 0.77 355x355mm 400x400mm 330x305mm 33mm 3.2kg
450x450mm 0.35 455x455mm 500x500mm 430x375mm 63mm 4.3kg
550x550mm 0.35 555x555mm 600x600mm 530x475mm 63mm 5.5kg
600x600mm 0.35 605x605mm 650x650mm 580x525mm 63mm 5.9kg
  • Drawings

Access Panel Sizes

Code Panel Size Structural Opening Clear Opening Once Installed Depth Weight
PFFD-INS-AT150 150 x 150mm 155 x 155mm 130 x 105mm 33mm 1.9kg
PFFD-INS-AT200 200 x 200mm 205 x 205mm 180 x 155mm 33mm 2.2kg
PFFD-INS-AT300 300 x 300mm 305 x 305mm 280 x 255mm 33mm 2.9kg
PFFD-INS-AT350 350 x 350mm 355 x 355mm 330 x 305mm 33mm 3.2kg
PFFD-INS-AT450 450 x 450mm 455 x 455mm 430 x 375mm 63mm 4.3kg
PFFD-INS-AT550 550 x 550mm 555 x 555mm 530 x 475mm 63mm 5.5kg
PFFD-INS-AT600 600 x 600mm 605 x 605mm 580 x 525mm 63mm 5.9kg
*Postfix L for key lockable version e.g. PFFD-INS-AT150L



Panel Size: 150 x 150mm

Structural Opening: 155 x 155mm

Clear Opening Once Installed: 130 x 105mm

Depth: 33mm

Weight: 1.9kg


Panel Size: 200 x 200mm

Structural Opening: 205 x 205mm

Clear Opening Once Installed: 180 x 155mm

Depth: 33mm

Weight: 2.2kg


Panel Size: 300 x 300mm

Structural Opening: 305 x 305mm

Clear Opening Once Installed: 280 x 255mm

Depth: 33mm

Weight: 2.9kg


Panel Size: 350 x 350mm

Structural Opening: 355 x 355mm

Clear Opening Once Installed: 330 x 305mm

Depth: 33mm

Weight: 3.2kg


Panel Size: 450 x 450mm

Structural Opening: 455 x 455mm

Clear Opening Once Installed: 430 x 375mm

Depth: 63mm

Weight: 4.3kg


Panel Size: 550 x 550mm

Structural Opening: 555 x 555mm

Clear Opening Once Installed: 530 x 475mm

Depth: 63mm

Weight: 5.5kg


Panel Size: 600 x 600mm

Structural Opening: 605 x 605mm

Clear Opening Once Installed: 580 x 525mm

Depth: 63mm

Weight: 5.9kg

*Postfix L for key lockable version e.g. PFFD-INS-AT150L