• UK made Plastic access panel range
  • Economical solution to services in walls or ceilings
  • White injection moulded plastic access panel
  • Guaranteed not to sag in ceiling use
  • UV stable high impact styrenic plastic
  • Standard HA snap friction or HA-L key lock option
  • Hinged and removable door
  • Please note that plastic access panels are not fire rated
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Our plastic access panel range provides a simple, low cost, high quality solution for access to building services in walls and ceilings. The injection moulded slim profile produces a lightweight solution, enabling an easy fit installation into all types of wall or ceiling construction.

Access Panel Sizes

Code Panel Size Structural Opening Clear Opening Once Installed Depth Weight
HA100-150 100 x 150mm 105 x 155mm 91 x 140mm 16mm 0.11kg
HA150-150 150 x 150mm 155 x 155mm 138 x 140mm 16mm 0.18kg
HA150-230 150 x 230mm 155 x 235mm 142 x 216mm 16mm 0.23kg
HA200-200 200 x 200mm 205 x 205mm 191 x 194mm 16mm 0.26kg
HA300-300 300 x 300mm 305 x 305mm 293 x 294mm 16mm 0.47kg
HA350-350 350 x 350mm 355 x 355mm 343 x 344mm 16mm 0.75kg
HA450-450 450 x 450mm 455 x 455mm 420 x 440mm 16mm 1.13kg
HA560-560 560 x 560mm 565 x 565mm 547 x 550mm 16mm 1.60kg
All sizes are suitable for wall and ceiling use



Panel Size: 100 x 150mm

Structural Opening: 105 x 155mm

Clear Opening Once Installed: 91 x 140mm

Depth: 16mm

Weight: 0.11kg


Panel Size: 150 x 150mm

Structural Opening: 155 x 155mm

Clear Opening Once Installed: 138 x 140mm

Depth: 16mm

Weight: 0.18kg


Panel Size: 150 x 230mm

Structural Opening: 155 x 235mm

Clear Opening Once Installed: 142 x 216mm

Depth: 16mm

Weight: 0.23kg


Panel Size: 200 x 200mm

Structural Opening: 205 x 205mm

Clear Opening Once Installed: 191 x 194mm

Depth: 16mm

Weight: 0.26kg


Panel Size: 300 x 300mm

Structural Opening: 305 x 305mm

Clear Opening Once Installed: 293 x 294mm

Depth: 16mm

Weight: 0.47kg


Panel Size: 350 x 350mm

Structural Opening: 355 x 355mm

Clear Opening Once Installed: 343 x 344mm

Depth: 16mm

Weight: 0.75kg


Panel Size: 450 x 450mm

Structural Opening: 455 x 455mm

Clear Opening Once Installed: 420 x 440mm

Depth: 16mm

Weight: 1.13kg


Panel Size: 560 x 560mm

Structural Opening: 565 x 565mm

Clear Opening Once Installed: 547 x 550mm

Depth: 16mm

Weight: 1.60kg

All sizes are suitable for wall and ceiling use