AOV Smoke Vents

Triple Glazed dome, certified to EN 121101-2

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Glazed Roof Hatch

Clear or opal glazed polycarbonate dome mounted on an aluminium outer frame. Choice of single, double or triple glazed. Triple glazed version complies with Part L of the building regulations. Choice of lock options and over 20 sizes available

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Roof Hatch – Premium Aluminium

Fabricated from 3mm aluminium and finished to extremely high standards. Each hand made unit is insulated and to ensure excellent weather protection comes fitted with twin EDPM seals as standard (upgrade to quad seals is also available). The lid can be opened internally or externally and is fitted with twin gas struts for easy opening. One of the gas struts automatically locks when fully extended to prevent accidental closing of the lid. Security The lid is fitted with with hardened steel hinges, an internal cab lock and external push button to allow opening from either inside or outside. For security both the inside and outside are fitted with loops to enable locking with a padlock (not included). Finish options Standard - Mill finish Aluminium Powdercoated - Single colour (inside and out) Powdercoated - Two colours (inside different to outside) Stainless Steel - Grade 316 (Marine) recommended for properties within 5 miles of the coast or other higher than normal corrosion levels e.g. Swimming pools. Fitting The base of the upstand is flared to allow plenty of surface area for sealing and flashing in Sizing The size we quote is the internal clear opening

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Premium Steel Roof Hatch 0.43 U Value

Galvanised steel roof hatch with insulated door and kerb. Rounded corners for safety. Twin counterbalanced springs for smooth and easy opening. Double loop steel hoops allow this hatch to be padlocked internally or externally for additional security. Choice of 4 sizes

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Economy Roof Hatch

Made from White UPVC, the economy roof hatch is ready to install and will provide years of maintenance free use. The Hatch features an insulated aluminium lid with an internal locking handle and gas struts to aid opening. Available in 12 sizes

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