Tatt (as he is commonly known on the pitch and the pub) is our new warehouse assistant manager. An affable chap, with a comical yet gentle nature, whilst still managing to be both conscientious & creative. A man with drive, willing to dedicate time, to gain the knowledge needed to propel us to the next level up, within his sector. Prior to our major transfer coup, Tatt was involved in logistics his entire working life and a change of career with Access Building Products Ltd was the life style shake up he was desperately seeking. After tasting the works gym and getting to grips with our heavy duty goods dispatch, Tatt has developed a strong desire to improve his fitness (and has plenty of scope to do so). Our second company Iron-Man? Only time will tell…

Despite good intentions, this is one of Yorkshire's most prolific gym jibbers

Despite good intentions, this is one of Yorkshire’s most prolific gym jibbers

Dream holiday destination: Would have been Cornwall, however it’s Greece, as it’s slightly quicker to get there
Favourite sport: Football
Favourite past time: Fishing
Favourite food: Chicken Tikka Masala
Favourite drink: Double Vodka & Red Bull on ice
Unusual talent: He can balance a plastic access panel on his nose, like a seal Catch phrase: To be fair that’s how it’s got to be fella