Hayley plays a key role in our accounts department, processing orders with a pace akin to Usain Bolt, producing spreadsheets and tables at the Gaffers whim and generally excelling at being an all round good figures person. A “well to do” lady who missed her way in life and should have levered her way into becoming either a celebrity chef or the next champion of “The Great British Bake Off”. Most of the company staff are at present a little peckish, as she’s on a very short maternity leave and her birthday chocolate brownies are a sad but temporary loss. On a negative, the Boss has been overheard shouting “how many months is she behind on the lottery?” On a positive, Hayley is admired as one of the best plate spinners the country has to offer.

Dream holiday destination: Maldives
Favourite sport: Strictly Come Dancing
Favourite past time: Cooking, baking & creating any sort of mega dish really
Favourite food: Anything armed with pure unadulterated chocolate
Favourite drink: Champagne
Unusual talent: Can identify any make of champagne blind folded
Catch phrase: I’m freezing