Penny’s role within the company has some extreme variation, as she skillfully takes care of our sponsored online marketing, P.O.D.’s, admin and any office based project that the Boss needs doing quickly. Very knowledgeable on our systems, files and functionality. You could say “a font of all knowledge” within the office at HG3 1JL. She has become an invaluable member of staff and the Gaffer (referring to Penny) once quoted “worth one’s salt, that one”. A solid team member, relied on as the best tea maker in the industry and always remembers everybody’s birthday. Likes peace and calm, dislikes anything too stressful or physically strenuous.

Dream holiday destination: Fiji
Favourite sport: Badminton
Favourite past time: Rock Pooling (but her colleagues all know it’s really a film fest)
Favourite food: Pan Asian
Favourite drink: G & T if you please darling
Unusual talent: Getting anebriated with just one of the above
Catch phrase: NOOOOOOO……(always in a high volume, with a meaning of “really?”)