Q: How to Create an FAQ Page.
A: Open the web page editing software and type the list of frequently asked questions, one on each line. Number them if there is a large amount. 2. Press “Return/Enter” after the last question and insert a hard rule (HR> tag in HTML)

Q: What are SEO best practices for FAQ pages?
A: With Jump To links appearing in search results for name anchors now, I’d suggest using a table of contents with name anchors to the subheadings (h2) of the answers and really juicing up the content in the paragraphs to include media, links …

Q: How do you insert FAQ on a web page?
A: Just like anyother… Simply create a new page using the other pages as a template (so that all the pages look the same). Add the title ‘FAQ’ then the questions/Answers. Maybe you’d add a comment box or email at the bottom and your’re done!

Q: How to build an FAQ page ?
A: question has been moved to PAQ and points not refunded Jgould-EE Moderator Read More

Q: What is an FAQ page on tumblr?
A: FAQ stands for “frequently asked questions” An FAQ page lists frequently asked questions about something, along with their answers

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