Economy Roof Hatch


  • Gas assisted struts for easy opening
  • Insulated aluminium lid
  • Maintenance free – will not rust
  • Tamper proof frame
  • Built in tapered kerb, pre-fi nished in white
  • Needs no decorating
  • ‘U’ Value 1.1 – ideal for buildings with low thermal requirement
  • Vertical kerbs are available for a larger clear opening, if required
  • Internally locking handle

Made from White UPVC, the economy roof hatch is ready to install and will provide years of maintenance free use. The Hatch features an insulated aluminium lid with an internal locking handle and gas struts to aid opening. Available in 12 sizes



Roof Hatch Sizes

Sizes (over 4 columns)
600 x 1200mm700 x 700mm700 x 1000mm800 x 800mm
800 x 1100mm900 x 900mm900 x 1200mm950 x 950mm
1000 x 1000mm1100 x 1100mm1200 x 1200mm1400 x 1400mm


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