Plasterboard Door

BFS-Plast Beaded Frame

  • 21dB reduction plasterboard door with beaded frame
  • Gives a flush finish after tape and jointing
  • Dual purpose for walls and ceilings
  • 7 Standard stock sizes with bespoke options
  • Sliding pin hinges to easily remove door
  • Threaded Steel Bung

21dB reduction. 7 Sizes with beaded frame for wet finish in either walls or ceilings. Very sleek when fitted.



Access Panel Sizes

CodePanel SizeStructural OpeningClear Opening Once InstalledDepthWeight
BFS-PLAST200200 x 200mm205 x 205mm140 x 173mm75mm2.8kg
BFS-PLAST300300 x 300mm305 x 305mm240 x 275mm75mm4.8kg
BFS-PLAST350350 x 350mm355 x 355mm290 x 322mm75mm5.8kg
BFS-PLAST450450 x 450mm455 x 455mm385 x 424mm75mm7.8kg
BFS-PLAST550550 x 550mm555 x 555mm490 x 520mm75mm10.4kg
BFS-PLAST600600 x 600mm605 x 605mm540 x 572mm75mm12.2kg
BFS-PLAST900-600900 x 600mm905 x 605mm842 x 540mm75mm19.9kg


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