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AOV Smoke Vent with 365mm Kerb and Wind deflectors fitted

AOV Smoke Vents

Triple Glazed dome, certified to EN 121101-2

Tested and certified in accordance with BS EN 12101-2. Our range of AOV Smoke vents are designed to automatically extract smoke in the event of a fire

  • Meet standards for safety, security, non-fagility and fire safety
  • All the sizes listed achieve a higher Aerodynamic Free Area of more than 1.0 Aa m2 in a Lobby and 0.70 Aa m2 in a stairwell as per the requirement of EN 12101-2, not the grey area “”free vent area”” that is often quoted.
  • Opens to 140° in under 1 minute as per BS EN12101-2
  • Available with or without wind deflectors
  • Can be integrated with building management systems or be independently controlled

Glazed Roof Hatch


  • Roof hatch with triple skin Part “L” compliant polycarbonate glazed roof access
  • Compliant with HSG33 recommendations
  • Sleek, contemporary design with gas struts or friction stays to facilitate a controlled 90° opening
  • Rigid uPVC frame with high security fixings
  • Impact strength of up to 250 times greater than glass
  • “U” value of 1.8, with a light transmission of 78% on clear and 32% on opal polycarbonate
  • Hard body impact testing according to NBN EN 13964:2007
  • BBA Certifi cate No. 00/4691 and are manufactured to ISO 9001
  • Manufactured in accordance with European standards and hold a CE mark according to EN 1873
  • Tapered uPVC 150mm high (or 300mm to order) kerb
  • Vertical kerbs for a larger clear opening available if required
  • Remote electric operation opening and AOV units are also available


Roof Hatch – Premium Aluminium


  • High quality, Hand Made in the UK
  • Fully insulated to 0.43 “U” value
  • Air Permeability BS EN 12207:2000, 100pa (Class 4)
  • CFC & HCFC free insulation with an ODP and a GWP rating of zero
  • Twin aluminium door skins, offering excellent sound proofing properties.
  • Fitted with twin gas assisted struts for easy opening
  • Made to measure “bespoke” sizes produced to order


Premium Steel Roof Hatch 0.43 U Value


  • Single leaf Steel Roof Hatch c/w 50mm twin foil backed PIR insulation
  • Insulated to an industry leading U value of 0.43 W/m2K
  • Air Permeability BS EN 12207: 100pa (Class 4)
  • Secure design
  • Fitted with twin gas assisted struts for easy opening c/w auto lock open strut
  • Supports a live load of 200 Kg per m2

Galvanised steel roof hatch with insulated door and kerb. Rounded corners for safety. Twin counterbalanced springs for smooth and easy opening. Double loop steel hoops allow this hatch to be padlocked internally or externally for additional security. Choice of 4 sizes

Economy Roof Hatch


  • Gas assisted struts for easy opening
  • Insulated aluminium lid
  • Maintenance free – will not rust
  • Tamper proof frame
  • Built in tapered kerb, pre-fi nished in white
  • Needs no decorating
  • ‘U’ Value 1.1 – ideal for buildings with low thermal requirement
  • Vertical kerbs are available for a larger clear opening, if required
  • Internally locking handle

Made from White UPVC, the economy roof hatch is ready to install and will provide years of maintenance free use. The Hatch features an insulated aluminium lid with an internal locking handle and gas struts to aid opening. Available in 12 sizes